Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy birthday & ENGAGEMENT to ME!!!

mississippi mud cupcakes
I'M ENGAAAAAGED!!!! After 3 long years of patient & silent waiting...ok maybe I wasn't always so patient or silent...but Will finally popped the question! It was the sweetest thing, and I was so surprised. Will got up with Claire and told me I could sleep in, and then a few minutes later Claire was standing by the side of my bed shoving the ring in my face saying, "mommy, will you marry daddy?" I was in shock (Will swears I looked scared) and I turned around to Will who was sitting on the bed next to me. He very sweetly took my hand & asked me to marry him, and then I very sweetly demanded that he get down on his knee and ask me again...and then I said yes!!!

He proposed 2 days before my birthday, so I've had an awesome couple of days celebrating my birthday and engagement. Yesterday my girlfriends and I got pedicures, went wedding dress shopping, and had a delicious dinner at Scotty Browns followed by some scrumptious cupcakes made my yours truly. I went with another Confessions of a Cookbook Queen recipe. I found this recipe a few weeks ago when a friend recommended I make Mississippi Mud cupcakes. I had never heard of Mississippi Mud cake, but apparently it's a pretty big deal on the East coast. I found a few different recipes, but this one was the best. I made half or them with pecans on top, and half w/ an oreo cookie at the bottom of each cupcake & oreo crumbles on top. Both variations were delish! I don't have any leftover to share, but I will definitely be making these again.

mississippi mud cupcakes w/ pecans
mississippi mud w/ oreos